Teeth Whitening

before and after of teeth whiteningHow is professional teeth whitening performed?

At Dentistry of West Bend, we use a professional teeth whitening formula that is far more effective than those you can buy over the counter but is also gentle on tooth enamel. We complete the treatment by applying heat, light, or a combination of both, to accelerate and enhance the whitening process and obtain optimal results.

Teeth whitening formulas use peroxide as the main ingredient because peroxide is a safe and natural bleaching agent. While all tooth-whitening solutions are peroxide-based, the difference between a professional formula and one purchased over the counter lies in the concentration of peroxide in each formula. While a typical over the counter formula may contain anywhere from three to 20 percent peroxide, a professional peroxide treatment normally contains as much as 15 to 43 percent peroxide.


How do teeth whitening treatments work?

The formula comes in various consistencies. It may be applied either as a gel or paste, brushed onto the tooth surfaces like paint. In some instances, it may be applied as a gel or foam, using treatment trays that resemble mouthguards and are fitted onto the teeth to deliver the treatment.

Both the potency of the solution and the length of time the treatment is applied to the teeth determine the results. The longer your teeth remain exposed to the peroxide solution, the more whitening you can expect. There is a danger of leaving the solution on the teeth for an excessive length of time. This could cause dehydration in the teeth and weaken the natural tooth enamel, producing sensitivity to heat and cold.

In most cases, when using a formula with a higher concentration of peroxide, it will be left on the teeth for a shorter period. This is why it is important to trust teeth whitening to professionals. You could cause damage to your teeth by not using the right formula or gauging the proper timing of your whitening treatment.


Is it safe to whiten my teeth at home?

Once you’ve had a professional treatment and learned how to apply the formula, as well as the length of time that your treatment requires, our team will provide you with a prescribed whitening kit that you can continue to use at home. We will prepare customized treatment trays that you can apply, filled with the formula that we have prepared for your treatment.

Our team at Dentistry of West Bend will be happy to provide you with more information on our teeth whitening treatments. Contact our office today for more information.